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Hike the Holy Land

Hike the Holy Land

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 Walk the Camino de Santaigo "Way of St. James" - 9 Day Adventure in northern Spain

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Experience rural northern Spain and its people by walking a section of The Camino De Santiago "Way of St. James" ancient pilgrimage route.  More >>

Hike the Holy Land 

jack relaxing

Join Jack Witt, Lifestyle Fitness Specialist, on a 9 - Day Hike the Holy Land Tour with optional 4-Day extension tour of Jordan, including PETRA.  More >>


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Group Leader's Info

Mt Precipous Group

At Hike the Holy Land, you can either select from one of our suggested itineraries, or customize a trip of your own.

Each of our Holy Land Tours are unique, and each is treated with fine attention to detail. With meticulous care we will custom design a 'one-of-a-kind' itinerary for your active group. To get started, please view our popular itinerary highlights page.

 The How to Book your Trip page- "Seven Easy Steps" will guide you in the information we will need to start planning your trip. Then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 323-739-4510.

Your Benefits as a Group Leader

Peace of Mind: Through our painstaking attention to detail, you will have a smooth-flowing, seamless active travel experience in the Holy Land - with no surprises!

Customized Trips: so you walk, hike and visit only the sites and areas you want to see and experience - no 'cookie cutter' itineraries on our Holy Land pilgrimages.

Many Satisfied Group Leaders: Please see the testimonials from our partner, Trinity World Tours very satisfied traditional group tour clients in the Holy Land.

Promotional Partnership: We will work closely with you in planning a customized itinerary for your Holy Land Tour, walking you through the trip marketing/promotional steps and offering you cutting edge ‘back-office” resources (computerized invoicing and payment collection). 

Social Sensitivity: Historically, travelling to the Holy Land has been an experience of faith and community - a chance to bond with others, and just have fun! We work to achieve a balance of soft adventure, walking vacations, holy land pilgrimages, traditional sightseeing, well-being travel, and responsible/sustainable tourism: - providing a one-of-a-kind active travel group experience for all faiths and beliefs in the Holy Land.


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How to Book Your Group Trip

Petra group

7 Easy Steps to Booking your Active Holy Land Tour

Step 1: Decide on Your Itinerary

Do you want to go with one of our itineraries, or do you want to customize something different? We are experts at customizing. Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the specifics, or call 323-739-4510 to discuss what you need in your itinerary.

Step 2: Decide on Class of Accommodations

Do you want to stay in superior first class hotel, first class hotels (4*), superior tourist class (3*) or do you prefer to stay in hostels, kibbutzim, or small boutique inns. Please think through this and remember, we are here to help you decide. Most of the places we work with have private bathrooms, so it really comes down to the comfort level you want.

Step 3: Decide on Your Meal Plan

Most groups take breakfast and dinner daily. Do you want dinner included every night or do you want to give the group a few nights free to explore restaurants on their own?

Step 4: Decide on Group Size

How many people do you plan to bring? Most of our vans can hold 8-10 people. Most of our buses hold about 50 people. We can base your price on a minimum of 30, 20, 10 paying passengers. Remember a smaller group yields a higher ‘per person’ cost.

Step 5: Decide on the Number of ‘Free Trips’ You Need

Whether you need one free for five, ten or more paying passengers, let us know and we will quote accordingly. Unlike other companies, we quote you on the number of free trips you really need.

Step 6: Please Contact Us

Once you have thought through the above items, you are ready to start planning. Contact us by phone at 323-739-4510, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll get right on your trip and help you start planning!

Step 7: Preparing Your Promotional Brochure

We will work up an itinerary and quotation based on your specifications, and then we will submit a formal proposal, including a contract for you to sign. Once you complete the contract and make an initial deposit, we will start planning to print your promotional brochure.


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Who We Are

Witt Jack 002 Blue Web copy

Jack Witt, MS, CPT, is a Lifestyle Fitness Specialist based out of Los Angeles.

His “Get Fit with Witt” health coaching business has won numerous civic and community awards from the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Kiwanis organizations. Jack has been honored as an “Outstanding Young Californian” by the California Jaycees, and has served as volunteer President of the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He is a well-known healthy community organizer, wellness speaker, and author of fitness, diet and business books.

Since 2002, Jack has hosted several domestic and worldwide active travel trips and retreats for his clients and community to several National Parks across the United States, Costa Rica and Peru. His trips have an emphasis on ecotourism and responsible travel; focusing on natural areas that conserve the environment and improve the well-being of the local people. He is a member of the National Parks Conservation Association, The Sierra Club and The International Ecotourism Society. After solo hiking in Israel, Palestine and Jordan recently, Jack was moved by the stunning natural beauty and landscapes of the region. He discovered that walking the Holy Land up close and personal, as opposed to viewing it through a tour bus window, was a deeply rewarding way to experience this dynamic land and its people.

In a partnership with Trinity World Tours in Los Angeles, Jack is now providing unique customized active Holy Land Tours for individuals, groups and organizations of all faiths and beliefs. 

Jack’s previous tenure in the hospitality business, specifically in Hotel and Resort Management, ensures that clientele receive quality care and comfortable accommodations, tasty local cuisine and excellent customer-focused experiences.

ScottScherer HeadShot edit

Scott Scherer, M.A., is a Life Coach and Pilgrimage Travel Specialist based out of Los Angeles.

He is Owner and President of Trinity World Tours, providing more than 500 organizations over 20-plus years with customized trips and itineraries throughout the world, including a focus on the Holy Land and christian pilgrimages. Scott holds a Masters Degree in Business from The Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, has served on the Board of Directors for the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with Jack, and has extensive experience fundraising and marketing for churches and organizations.


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Hike The Holy Land - FAQ 

JesusTrail Gina Miriam

What fitness level is required to Hike the Holy Land? 

Most of our nature walks and day hikes are light to moderate in difficulty and average about four hours total in duration on any given day. We are NOT a hard-core, long-distance trekking or camping type of organization. There are no high altitude hikes, no hauling heavy backpacks, and no extreme conditions.

Depending on the time of year, the Holy Land can be very hot and sunny during the daytime, so basic precautions like staying well hydrated and wearing a good hat and applying sunscreen are encouraged.  But only you really know if you are capable of an active travel vacation such as Hike the Holy Land. Our itineraries are designed for the average person in good health and are suitable for most all age ranges.

 If there is a particular hike on the itinerary you wouldn’t feel capable of, with advance notice, we will help arrange an alternate activity for you that day. This most likely would require an additional private guide / driver; so you would incur and be responsible for any additional expenses associated with not participating with the group.

What is your maximum and average group size?

Hike the Holy Land specializes in small group travel. The average group size is typically 15 to 20 people. By keeping our groups relatively small, it creates an environment where everyone bonds together and the Holy Land experience remains a personal one.  It can also help to foster a more spiritual, inward journey.  However, we can take up to 30 people in a group (still small by industry standards), which makes it even more fun and exciting, and allows more opportunity to meet new friends. 

Do I need a Visa for Israel, Jordan or Palestine?

If you are a United States citizen, you do not need a Visa for Israel or Palestine. A Visa for Jordan is required, but may be obtained easily upon air or land arrival into the country, and currently costs 40 Jordanian Dinars.  However, if you are traveling with a group of 5 or more and spending a minimum of two nights, the entry Visa fee is waived. For all Holy Land destinations, you will be required to have a valid Passport with an expiration date of at least six months after your departure from the Holy Land.

Do I need to get vaccinated for travel to the Holy Land?

Many people travel to the Holy Land without ever getting any vaccinations. However, to be cautious, you could visit your doctor in advance and discuss what vaccinations you should receive. The most likely health risk you’ll encounter in the Holy Land is basic food contamination, resulting in traveler’s diarrhea. Avoid drinking tap water as it might not be safe, and avoid foods that have been handled or washed (like salads) without cooking. However, most of the foods you’ll encounter on our trip are very safe, and you can always check with our guides if you are concerned. Also, it’s a good idea to wash your hands frequently and consider keeping a hand sanitizer gel on you during your travels.

Will my ATM card work in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine? 

Yes, there are plenty of ATM machines throughout each country. Check with your bank about international withdraw fees and limitations.

Will my cell phone work in the Holy Land? 

Yes, in general, there are ample cell phone towers and most hotels offer Wi-Fi. Check with your cell phone carrier about international rates and plan options while oversees. 

What’s included in the trip price and what’s not included? 

In general, Hike the Holy Land trips include double occupancy lodging, most breakfasts and dinners, guide(s), van / bus transportation, and a detailed Pre-Departure checklist. Not included in the trip price is airfare, ground transportation specifically from the airport to your hotel on Day 1, and the last day of the itinerary’s ground transportation to the airport from your hotel. We can help you arrange airport transportation with private drivers should you not want to take a taxi or shared taxi / shuttle. Most lunches and drinks are not included, and travel insurance is not included. 

 What are the transportation options to and from Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport?

Getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main international airport, is generally an easy task with many options available including the train, taxis, sheruts (shared taxis), and car rental. Each has its own advantages and each is better suited to different types of traveler, different destinations/start points, and different numbers of people. 

In general, travel time between Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem is about 45 minutes by car, and travel time between the airport and Tel Aviv is about 30 minutes by car. If you are flying out of Ben Gurion International Airport to go back to the United States, it is recommended to be at the airport 3 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

What are the transportation options to and from Queen Alia (Amman) International Airport? 

Airport taxis and express buses are available24/7. The airport is located about 20 miles south of Amman, the capital city. Travel time between Queen Alia Airport and Amman is about 40 minutes by car, and travel time between the airport and the Dead Sea area is about 50 minutes by car. Airport Taxi prices are fixed and posted. If you are flying out of Queen Alia International Airport to go back to the United States, it is recommended to be at the airport 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or camping supplies? 

No. At the end of each day, you’ll rest for the evening in a nice, comfortable hotel or kibbutz. Some custom itineraries may want to include a Desert Bedouin camping experience in Jordan at Wadi Rum. That would be the only  exception; however, the camps feature private and semi-private luxury tents with beds and modern bathroom facilities with showers to accommodate Western tourists. 

Can I hike the Holy Land with your company if I’m an atheist or agnostic? 

Yes, many of our itineraries are set-up for both interfaith and / or secular groups and people. Additionally, Buddhists, Hindus, Non-Practicing and other beliefs and faiths are all welcome, along with our Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups. We always strive to foster a shared interest in the historical religious and cultural traditions of this land. 

Can I pay a single supplement to have my own hotel room?

Yes. Prices vary according to each itinerary.  

Do you offer any discounts?

Not at this time. We believe our Hike the Holy Land trip prices are very competitively priced and filled with a lot of value. Most of the hotels we partner with in the Holy Land include breakfast and dinner for free, and you can’t put a price on experiencing the Holy Land up close and personal by hiking it with a small group. Our guides are very passionate about what they do and very knowledgeable about the history, archeology, religion, culture and topography of the Holy Land region.  They make each day fun, interactive and informative.

Do you recommend Travel Insurance?

Yes.  You just never know when you might need to cancel your trip for any reason at the last minute (please see our Deposit and Cancellation policy in the FAQ below), or you miss a flight connection, an airline loses your luggage, or you need medical care in a foreign country. The worst case scenario would be if you need to be medically evacuated back to the United States. So, we suggest going to and compare prices and benefits to purchase a comprehensive policy that includes trip insurance, medical insurance, and medical evacuation insurance.

Do I need to bring an electrical adapter?

The United States and Canada use 110-volt electricity. Most countries outside North America use 220-volt electricity. If you plan to bring any electronics with you, you may need to use a “converter” or a “transformer” to change the 220-volt electricity into 110-volt electricity in order to use a 110-volt appliance (unless your appliance is dual voltage, which most cell phones and cameras are). If your appliance is dual voltage, you can switch it to work on 220 volts, without a transformer or converter. The electrical outlets outside the United States and Canada are usually different from those in North America. The plug on the appliance you use in the United States and Canada won't fit into the outlet in most foreign countries, including those in the Holy Land. Therefore, you will need a plug adapter in order to plug in your appliance into the foreign outlets.

What are your Deposit and Cancellation policies? 

We love creating exciting and meaningful trips such as our Hike the Holy Land. Our greatest priorities are to provide excellent service to our customers and to be fair with our hotels and other suppliers. Our deposit, cancellation and supplement policies are designed to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

Registering for Hike the Holy Land trips requires a $500 deposit payable by check or any major credit card. The remaining balance due must be paid 90 days prior to the trip departure. If you wish to pay the remaining balance by credit card, an additional 3% administrative fee will be applied. Please note we reserve the right to treat your reservation as cancelled if your final payment is not made when due. If you sign up for a trip 45 days or less before the departure date, the entire trip price must be paid in full by credit card and will include the 3% fee.

If you cancel your reservation with 46 days or more advance notice, you can apply all payments made to another Hike the Holy Land trip of the same year or the following year. If you cancel with 45 or fewer days advance notice, you forfeit all payments made.  

For all trips, your $500 deposit and subsequent payments are nonrefundable and non-transferable after the final cut-off due date because of fixed costs we incur when you sign up. There are no exceptions. Trip booking decisions, such as guides, transportation, hotel rooms and others, are made based on registration numbers. Remember, you have the option to purchase travel insurance, and if you choose not to purchase this, you accept the risk. We reserve the right to cancel a trip, but in such a case you would receive a full refund.

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