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Popular Itinerary Highlights - Palestine




Palestine’s Jericho is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and is renowned for the story of Joshua and the trumpets in the Bible. Its thought to also be the place where humans stopped being hunters and gatherers and harnessed farming and village life. With its cliffhanging Monastery that perplexes the laws of gravity, the nearby Mt. of Temptation is traditionally thought of as the place where Jesus was tempted by the devil on his 40-day fast. We’ll hike a steep 30 minute trail to the summit, passing the Monastery on the way, and take in the spectacular views of the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab and Gilead.



The childhood home of the biblical King David and the village where Jesus was born. Today Bethlehem is a bustling big town with a special energy and is considered the “Gateway to Palestine.” We’ll walk through Manger Square, where the oldest surviving church in The Holy Land stands in daily use, visit the colorful Souk, and stroll past bell towers and terraced gardens. After spending some time in Bethlehem, we’ll easily discover that it retains an authentic atmosphere and has a welcoming spirit. Bethlehem is the heart of many Holy Land tours. 

Bethlehem Nature “Battir Trail”

battir rockpath

Nestled in the West Bank of Palestine between the area of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem and his final days in Jerusalem is a nature trail full of striking biblical scenery of thousands of untold stories. The trail is packed with olive groves and fig trees, natural rock slopes and terraces, remains of Roman irrigation systems, ancient canals, caves, and broken pottery shards (some dating back to Roman and even Egyptian times). The Battir area also features a historic railway line, which connects Jerusalem to the port of Jaffa. During the hike, we might pick herbs along the way and boil them to make tea. After the hike, we’ll have an option to enjoy a refreshing Palestinian beer. No hike in the Holy Land is complete without a walk on the Battir Trail.

Traditional Palestinian Cooking Class


There’s no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than through a culinary experience of traditional foods that have endured for through the ages. Using fresh foods and ingredients with intoxicating scents from the local village and community, we’ll learn how to cook some Palestinian dishes and then enjoy our flavorful creations. 

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